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Impact of Online-learning Activities on Improving IELTS Speaking Performance of Iranian EFL Learners: An Experimental Comparative Study

Pages 1-20


Omid Rezaei Dastgerdi

Analysis of Conversations in an Iranian High School Textbook: Grecian Maxims in Focus

Pages 21-41


Nooshin Nojoomizadeh

Power of Online Games in Enriching EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Knowledge

Pages 43-58


Zohreh Jafari; Abbas Paziresh

Textual Pragmatic Markers in the Speech of Jordanian University Students...

Pages 59-87

Aseel Alshbeekat

Harmonizing Symbolic Representations and Teaching Methods with the Child’s Ability: A Discourse Analysis Approach

Pages 89-110

Anana Mariam Emmanuel

Manipulation of Realities through Euphemistic and Derogatory Terms and Phrases in Political Texts: Obama’s actions regarding American Gulf Oil Spill

Pages 111-136

Sara Hashemi Shahraki

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