Impact of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) on EFL Learners' Grammar Achievement and Self-efficacy

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Department of English Language, Kerman Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kerman, Iran


This study was an attempt to find out the effect of a mobile learning program on EFL learners' grammar achievement and self-efficacy. For this purpose, 60 students from Haftvad institute located in Bam, Kerman were selected randomly from among a total number of 100 learners based on their performance on the Preliminary English Test (PET). Grammar pre-test questions and Sherer’s (1982) self-efficacy questionnaire were distributed to these 60 participants and the participants and then they were randomly divided into two groups, experimental and control, each consisting of 30 EFL learners. Both groups were male and their age range was between 16-23 years old. The experimental group received their grammar lessons via Skyroom and Telegram while the control group had a routine teaching process in which no mobile-assisted applications were applied on this group. At the end of the study, after 14 sessions- treatment, grammar post-test, and self-efficacy questionnaires were given to two groups to evaluate whether there was any significant difference between these two groups or not. The design of the current study was quasi-experimental, pre-test, post-test design. The type of test that was applied for this study was the independent sample t-test. The statistical analyses revealed that there was a significant statistical difference between the two groups’ mean scores on the grammar post-test. However, there was no significant statistical difference between the two groups’ mean scores on the self-efficacy post-test. As a result, it can be argued that a mobile program had a significant effect on EFL learners’ grammar achievement, but a mobile program had no significant effect on EFL learners’ self-efficacy level. The finding of this study had implications for EFL learners, teacher educators, and material developers.


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Volume 1, Issue 4 - Serial Number 4
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April 2022
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